Veneers and Fillings

If you have badly shaped, damaged, or cracked teeth, cosmetic veneers and fillings can make your teeth shine like they are brand new.

There are two type of Veneers, porcelain and composite. Cosmetic Veneers and Fillings are dental techniques that repair spaces between teeth, cover permanent tooth stains, hiding unattractive fillings. Veneers are excellent for improving the appearance of badly shaped teeth and restores confidence in smiling and self-esteem.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have several advantages over composite veneers. They look much more like your natural teeth, and is visually more appealing than a composite veneer. A porcelain veneer is much stronger. Porcelain is much more durable and does not wear down, and do not not stain as easily or quickly as a composite veneer.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are less expensive and can be applied in one dental visit. A composite veneer can be repaired if damaged. The negatives of a composite veneer is that they do not look as natural or appealing as a porcelain veneer, don’t last as long, and they discolor faster than porcelain veneers. They also tend to chip and crack.

Bonding vs Veneers

Would you like to improve your smile by fixing a distracting chip or gap between your teeth, or to brighten up discolored, stained or worn-down teeth? If so, two common minimally invasive procedures that can help you achieve this are bonding and veneers. Which one is right for you? First, let’s look at what each option is.

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Smile Transformation

WHAT IS A SMILE TRANSFORMATION? Studies show that 25% of Americans say if they could change one single facial feature that would boost their self-esteem,

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