Our Pledge

Prepare yourself for a completely different approach to dental care. At Dallas Dental Implant Center we take a “dignified” approach to dental treatment. We are a group of dental specialists called “prosthodontists” committed to your optimal dental health. Prosthodontics is one of 12 dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. It is the only specialty that focuses on the cosmetic and functional restoration of teeth for adult patients. Prosthodontists provided “Cosmetic Dentistry” and “Implant Dentistry” long before these phrases were misused by general dentists to attract a higher revenue generating patients to their practices. With three years of specialty training beyond that of a general dentist or cosmetic dentist and thousands of hours of continuing education, a prosthodontist is uniquely qualified to give you all your options for the restoration of your teeth with the added bonus of great outcomes.

In addition to our advanced credentials our office is committed to a patient-centered focus on dental care.

Our patient centered approach pledges:

► Private consultation between doctor/patient/family. Your diagnosis is never delegated to a dental assistant, dental hygienist or office manager. You will have an unlimited time to discuss your treatment options with your own doctor(s) who will be performing the treatment. Multiple consultations can be scheduled at no charge so that you may return to ask additional questions beyond the first consultation. We believe that having a fully informed patient provides the best foundation for optimum results.

► Treatment tailored to your needs. No unnecessary x-rays, impressions or referrals. Your diagnosis and treatment will be custom tailored to your needs, not those of the office.

► You will always have options and alternative solutions. You will be given all your options. Most patients leave with at least three different options at three different price points. Each will be discussed along with advantages and disadvantages. Together the patient and doctor decide on which option best fits your functional and financial requirements. This alone separates us from the vast majority of offices.

► No one other than your Doctor will perform the treatment. All work will be completed by the prosthodontist. In the majority of dental offices around the country the staff is performing more and more of the dental work. Many of the assistants have only a few weeks of formal training. We do not subscribe to the “Expanded Duty” concept. We, the doctors, will perform all the work.

► We guarantee the quality of our work. We offer a true warranty on all our work. We will explain the details at your visit. With only a few exceptions we are proud to stand behind our work. This is nearly unheard of in the dental industry.

► We run on time! Because we respect your time, we do not overbook our schedule. Most patients will be seated upon their arrival. It is rare that any patient waits to be seen.

► We provide follow-up cleanings and examinations. Because we partner with our patients, we are available for cleanings and examinations after your treatment has been completed.

► No more clenching and grinding on your new teeth at night. Upon completion of your treatment, we may recommend “Night guards for Life”. Many patients clench and grind their teeth during sleeping hours and during stressful times. We started the “Night guards for Life” program several years ago. A “night guard” is a protective tooth splint used to cover one arch of teeth worn usually while sleeping. Because we are partners in the dental reconstruction process, we will make night guards for our reconstruction patients (more than six crowns), at no charge, for as long as we are in the tooth business.

► We provide reasonable financing options. We have several financing options available.

In summary, we want your dental experience to be private, dignified and fantastic. We will strive to give you the smile you have always wanted.