At Your Consultation

When you first come in for your consultation, we will have you fill out a Medical History record, which I will sit down and review with you. We will then go over your dental history and your reasons for seeking treatment.

We will take any necessary x-rays and do a detailed and thorough examination of your mouth and any existing prostheses you may currently have. We will discuss your desires and goals, and then go over in detail any and all viable options to address your needs and concerns.

Together, we will arrive at the option (or options) you are most interested in, and then we will work up the treatment plan(s) and go over all the details of the course of action involved in those plans: the procedural aspects, the treatment timeline, the fees, as well as all of the benefits, risks, and alternatives. We can show you photos of cases we’ve done here, if you’d like, to help clarify and questions you might have.

We may go ahead and make impressions of your mouth, digital or otherwise, to allow us to plan for your next appointment, should you decide to move forward with treatment. We will take photographs of your mouth, to establish a baseline of what we started with and to document your treatment from the very beginning.

Finally, you will leave with a written treatment plan, and if you have dental insurance questions, our business manager will be happy to go over this with you and help file the necessary paperwork to ensure you get as much help from them as your policy allows.

All of this is complimentary. Our goal is to inform you of all of your options and to help you decide which best suits your particular situation.